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Welcome to Champions for Change

Town of St. Paul - Creating Supportive Environments St. Paul Champions for Change Society continues to work in our community to foster collaborative relationships through education and to support self-sustaining community development issues.

Free Youth Program:
Allow youth to explore career options, learn important job skills and find success in the working world, every Wednesday at the St. Paul Municipal Library, starting April 22. Learn more.

Each year the society takes on a projects or activities in the community and along with a number of community partners we have seen a great deal of success in positively impacting the quality of life in St. Paul. The society works mainly with the four focus areas that were identified in their Sustainability Plan.

At present the board has a number of working sub-committees that take on programs, projects and tasks in their areas of interest. Those sub-committees and the work that they are currently doing are listed below:

  • Downtown Revitalization – Family Day event, Downtown Banner Project, Graffiti Reduction Program, Canada Day event, Downtown Mock (mini) project, Street Art Program, Party in the Park (outdoor entertainment)
  • Thrive on Wellness – “Healthy Food for all in St. Paul” (collective kitchens, food workshops, seed saving workshop)
  • Harvest Ball – Planning of the annual Harvest Ball event
  • Youth – St. Paul MOVES (Unstructured free play for youth), Representative sits on the community ECMAP group
Upcoming Events
  • Canada Day (June 30 & July 1)
  • Party in the Park (each Wednesday starting July 9th 11:30 – 1:30)
  • St. Paul MOVES program

Please take a look at the various tabs and pages on this site and learn more about how St. Paul Champions for Change came about, what we have been involved in and what we are doing now and of course, the ways in which you might like to become involved. WE are always looking for volunteers to help with our projects.

Our Vision:

The Vision of St. Paul Champions for Change is dedicated to people-centered, sustainable development for the purpose of advancing the common good, stimulating active citizen participation in community well-being and positively impacting the quality of life for St. Paul and area residents now and on behalf of future generations.

Our Mission:

The St. Paul Champions for Change Society is a broad-based community organization whose primary focus is to foster collaborative relationships through education and to support self-sustaining community development initiatives that promote social cohesion and the maintenance of a healthy rural society. Our mission is to promote community engagement and citizen responsibility for creating healthy communities through connecting people, resources and ideas in the service of a sustainable future.

Our Goals:

  • To educate and inspire citizens toward sustainable community development projects.
  • To increase the level of citizen participation in sustainable community development initiatives
  • To foster constructive community relationships and cross-cultural understanding as the basis for cooperation in community enhancement efforts.
  • To provide regular forums for promoting ongoing dialogue around healthy community practices
  • To assist in the generation of seed money dedicated toward self-sustaining healthy community development ventures
  • To facilitate a gathering of the downtown revitalization group, the healthy lifestyles group and the caring for youth group identified by the Nov. 2009 community meeting.