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Currently the Champions for Change Board meets monthly. The group is working with many partners on a number of projects in the community. Committees are established as projects and ideas come along. At the moment there are two sub-committees of the board. They are: Downtown Revitalization and Thrive on Wellness.

Champions for Change - St Paul - Member Tree

Terms of Reference

St. Paul Champions for Change is a not-for-profit Society with a goal to improve and develop the community of St. Paul, Alberta. The society is dedicated to people-centered, sustainable development for the purpose of advancing the common good, stimulating active citizen participation in the community, improve well being and positively impacting the quality of life for St. Paul and area residents now an don behalf of future generations.

The organization is run by a board of directors that consist of a Board Chair, Vice, Secretary and Treasurer along with other members who are appointed by the board.

The board meets monthly or as needed depending on projects and activities they are working on
The board has a number of sub-committees that meet as needed for their particular projects. These sub-committees report back to the main board on a monthly basis.

Terms of office are for one year with elections happening each year at the Annual General Meeting.

Meetings are generally held at the Community Futures Office Boardroom located at 4802 – 50th Avenue, St. Paul. Meetings are held on third Monday of the month at 5:30pm and last just over one hour.