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Characteristics of a Sustainable Community

These characteristics were identified from a review of the current literature on community sustainability plans. They are offered as summary advice for those engaged in implementing the sustainability plan.

  • A vibrant, diversified economy
  • Proximity to services and amenities
  • Opportunities to exercise personal choice
  • Recognition of the need in a diverse community of building strong relationships
  • Democratic governance that fosters equitable civic participation
  • A physical and social environment that is safe and healthy for all
  • Ecologically sound development that considers future generations

Revitalizing Downtown

Occurrence of the theme

  • “Community beautification” emerges as a theme of the ANGEL-CD workshop.
  • In the session with Avi Friedman, downtown revitalization was the highest priority. The next most frequently mentioned priorities were infrastructure and family-recreation.
  • The steering committee makes reference to several related sub-themes in its January 2008 visioning process.
  • Downtown revitalization is shown as a sub-theme under Community Economic Development, the first theme identified in the June 2008 public consultations. Commercial/industrial development is the second theme.
  • The revitalization theme and sub-themes dominate the mini survey of the steering committee.
  • A revitalization theme and sub-themes are identified in the October 8 2008 Key Strategic Priorities Consultation process and the October 21 2008 public consultation.
  • In the “sector” consultation with Persons with Developmental Disabilities, ways were identified to make the community more accessible, safe and attractive (e.g., curb cuts, street lighting.).
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Promoting Healthier Lifestyles

Legacy Park St PaulOccurrence of the theme

  • Representatives of community agencies saw this as a priority. The sub-themes of food, physical activities and smoking were the focus of the ANGEL-CD workshop.
  • Health lifestyles received mentions in the Steering Committee mini survey.
  • Health and Community Lifestyles are two themes from the visioning exercise. There are references to services, diet, housing, safety, intergenerational supports, valuing children and emotional and environmental well-being.
  • Health, Recreation and Leisure are sub-themes under Community Lifestyles in the Key Strategic Priorities Consultation process and the October 2008 public consultation.
  • The “sector” consultation, Sports and Recreation, resulted in many suggestions for improving recreational opportunities.

Caring for Children and Youth

Occurrence of the theme
Splash Park St Paul

  • Child and youth issues came up many times in the ANGEL-CD workshop.
  • Care and Learning, a theme from the visioning exercise, focuses on children and youth.
  • The mini-survey makes half a dozen references to youth and youth issues.
  • In the session with Avi Friedman, youth issues was ranked as a priority.
  • Youth was referred to the Steering Committee mini-survey.
  • Child-care appears under Community Lifestyles in the Key Strategic Priorities Consultation process and the October 2008 public consultation.
  • Suggestions from the “sector” consultation with Youth included involving youth in more activities and decisions and introducing or retaining mentorship and leadership programs for youth.

Other Specific Concerns

These concerns were also noted in the consultation summaries and it is suggested that they be considered within each of the three areas of focus.

  • That steps are taken to mend the racial tensions between Aboriginal people and non-Aboriginal because individual and collective health is improved through positive human relationships.
  • That the economic or environmental impacts of growth/development be considered.
  • That any actions taken be supported by sound data collection and analysis.